The Learning Game- download links

Links to download the latest versions of The Learning Game and its supporting files will be available here.

Bug Bug!  There is a bug where some of the Spanish text files will not load because they were encoded in ANSI format instead of UTF8. These files have been updated.

There has been a random bug where the game will crash seemingly at random.  It has been a very rare occurrence, and one that has been hard to track down.  I *think* I found and swatted it.

BUG!  There is a bug in the previous download of the game, the one that is included in the Spinger Behavior Research Methods supplement files download.   If you want to record from all four keys the program will only record from the first three listed in the parameter file.    Many thanks to Pam Blundell for alerting me.

I believe that bug has been repaired and the new files are available in the link below.

The game and supplementary files are available here- JBN’s Learning Game XNA 3.1
(The link will open in a new window.)

To use, download the .zip and extract the files to a single directory on your hard drive.

You should find the following directories:
Information Files
The Learning Game
XNA Redistributable andNET3_5 setup

Go to “Read me first.pdf,” within the Information Files directory, then proceed to “Installation and Instructions.Pdf”

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