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A pre-exposure effect that is enhanced with a change in context-

This post is going to describe an effect that looks like latent inhibition, but rather than being attenuated by a context switch, it is enhanced. The post is going to be a long one.  A lot to write, and I’m … Continue reading

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That spectacular data I mentioned some time ago…

Some time ago I mentioned some “spectacular data” were on the way.  Today I will present them.  After much mind-numbing analysis to refine the data down to the brass tacks presented here, they don’t seem hardly so spectacular.  I suppose … Continue reading

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Latent inhibition and eye tracking.

In a previous post I promised these data.  Here, participants undergo a latent-inhibition treatment, or not, and their gaze is monitored during the experimental task. This experiment follows up on a pilot study conducted last year. The method is the … Continue reading

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