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3d plotting in Excel

Ever wanted to make a 3-d Scatterplot and find that Excel just won’t do it?  I have.  There are add-ins you can use, that are of limited help in most cases.  There are also commercial add-ins you can buy.  I … Continue reading

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Visualizing effect sizes, the effect of N, and significance.

In my previous post, I discussed effect sizes and provided one  conceptualization of them as measures of how easy it is to see your effect, unaided by measurement, in the population.  The two measures I am going to discuss here … Continue reading

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Effect size rambling.

I am going to ramble about effect sizes.  Like anything I write about, I am sure the ideas are not new and have been written about by people much smarter than me.  But, I like to organize my thoughts and … Continue reading

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Two dimensional ANOVA- can it be done, and would you want to?

In this post I am going to try to answer the questions above.  Regarding the first question, I’ll explain where the question began for me.  Then, I will review the meaning of the terms Variance and Standard Deviation, and review … Continue reading

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