About the Blog

You are at the wordpress page for James Byron Nelson, Ph.D., who presently works as a research professor at the University of the Basque Country.

This blog may contain posts on a variety of unrelated topics and represents nothing other than my opinion.

Though the site will present data and methodology from my research, comments and conclusions are to be interpreted as nothing other than initial impressions.  Final results and conclusions can vary from what is presented here due to factors such as, but not limited to, changing selection criteria, addition of participants, discovered bugs in the program, and changes in analysis strategies.

The site does not necessarily provide a professional representation of myself, my employer, my funding agencies, nor my profession.

Nothing written, posted, or linked-to here is intended to necessarily reflect the values, attitudes, and opinions of any entity other than myself.

1 Response to About the Blog

  1. Jasper Robinson says:

    Hi Byron,

    Are you going to EPA in 2018? A PhD (Sara, Byron; Byron, Sara!) and I are thinking of going.

    Would you recommend going when there’s no obvious presence from ‘our people’?

    Cheers, Jasp

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