Attention spreadsheet

Mike Le Pelley at University of New South Wales, implemented a “hybrid” model of attention based on models by Mackintosh (1975) and Pearce & Hall (1980) in 2004.  I’ve always tried to avoid the construct myself, but recent work has caused me to have to consider theories that invoke the construct.  

Very useable simulators for recent versions of Pearce & Hall (1980) are available at in their software link.  At present, they do not have a version for Le Pelley (2004) so I built one in a spreadsheet.  All the functions to update the attention parameters and associative strengths are implemented in Excel’s built-in Visual Basic for Applications.   I asked Mike to check my results against his, and the spreadsheet is spot-on with his Mathematica implementation.

The sheet itself doesn’t do much.  As is, it lets you do simulations with 2 CSs and 20 trials.  A little copy-and-paste will let you extend it to whatever design you need.

You can grab it here.



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