Doing science.

Sometime, somewhere, somehow, my work will make a meaningful difference in the course of things. It will matter. I will receive no accolades, fame, fortune, nor security from it. I may even be dead when it happens. But some day my work will be used to connect two unconnected dots in a pattern and permit great discovery. He or she who connects all of the pieces will, likely, not recognize the importance of the individual parts in their contribution to what he or she has built, but they will be there nevertheless and my life’s labor will not have been in vain. That is the best that a good scientist can hope for.

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2 Responses to Doing science.

  1. Alicia Shoemake says:


  2. Alicia Shoemake says:

    What God thinks matters. He will be glorified. Our efforts will be in vain if not to give Him glory. God has won. Thanks for everything. Gods timing is perfect. See you.

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