Something wicked this way came…

WELL- that’s what you get for looking at incomplete datasets.  The data are either dull as they can be, or very interesting. Either way, the final interpretation will depend on the results of experiments to come so that I might understand just what in the …. happened here.

As is, I cannot comment in any way aside from wild speculation so I will have to wait on posting the data. 

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One Response to Something wicked this way came…

  1. Alicia says:

    Beautiful. Interesting. Associative learning is great topic and seems very unpredictable since the only thing we have control over is ourselves or our response, our choices.. And trying to determine if we as people would mechanically behave given x, y, z variables seems lacking in some area. Through mercy and grace given by accepting Jesus and asking for forgiveness may we be free to live and dare I say make mistakes. Parenting has taught me about the hard knocks of associative learning. I think or maybe I need to go back and reread what associative learning is again. Being an active parent has taught me that I had to teach choices. I have learned you never know what kids are going to do. The only thing I have any control over is how I choose to respond. Keeping with my childs best interest at heart I
    choose to respond with love. Ever changing, ever growing, yet never changing and always
    present Love.

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