Some fun for the day- Blowing Cave in Cushman: Science fiction or amazing fact?

Richard Sharp Shaver wrote some interesting and fun science fiction for Amazing Stories during and post World War II.  In these stories, he describes ancient people (the Deros and Teros) who lived deep underground and control events on earth through powerful telepathic machines.  However, as he published these stories he claimed that they were, in fact, true occurrences and that only science fiction magazines were willing to publish them.  These stories were presented by Ray Palmer as “The Shaver Mystery.”

It seems, according to Palmer, that many people believed the story and wrote letters corroborating the events Shaver describes.  One of these believers was Charles Marcoux, and it is here that the connection to the Blowing Cave in Cushman, Arkansas begins.  Mr. Marcoux appears to have been told either by the mysterious David L or Mr. Wight that the Blowing Cave was an entrance to the underground world described by Shaver.   This is, of course, interesting to me because at least three generations of my family come from Cushman, and I have myself been in that cave several times.

Entrance to the Blowing Cave in Cushman Arkansas

The cave has a large opening which goes back about 100 yards, then one must begin to crawl through openings in rubble.  Once inside, there are areas where one can stand again, pools of water, and small waterfalls.   According to stories told by my grandfather, it was once possible to walk much farther back into the cave before it was required to enter crawlspaces.  He told stories of dances being held in the cave being lit by the headlights of model T Fords with the floor cracking and the Fords being lost as the floor gave in (hard to tell how much of Grandpa’s stories were fact, fiction, or an exaggerated combination of both).  Although the end of accessible portions of the cave seem to be about a mile, to 1.25 miles deep now, Grandpa said that teams had spent days in the cave in the past without finding the end.  This latter statement is believable as the cave, in my experience, is constantly changing.   Perhaps when Marcoux exposed the entrance to their underground kingdom, the dwellers closed it in.

Once my wife learned of the stories in the links I am sharing below, and knowing my connections to that area she proclaimed, “Well- that explains a lot.” (chuckle)

If someone in interested in the story, a good place to start is  here.

For information regarding Marcoux’s claims and experiences, the N Chronicles is a fun read, as is this excerpt from “The Underground Empire”  “Bury me in Blowing Cavern” provides some synopsis as well.  And this proves to be interesting.  It seems that there is quite an internet culture surrounding the Shaver Mystery and Marcoux.  These beings are supposed to have an influence on almost everything we on the surface do, to protect themselves from discovery, including the Kennedy Assassination.


This page contains a great deal of information, as well as related stories.

And This page deals with it from another angle.

Be sure to check out the website by Marcoux’s nephew that documents his quest to learn more.

Have fun, and if you are familiar with any of this stuff, or Blowing Cave stories in general I would like to hear about them.

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18 Responses to Some fun for the day- Blowing Cave in Cushman: Science fiction or amazing fact?

  1. Whitney says:

    Very cool to find another person from Cushman. I grew up there, my family is from there. The house I grew up in was right atop the mountain/hill that Blowing Cave resides. Used to walk down there all the time as a child and teen, exploring the waterfall, climbing, etc. It’s a beautiful area.

    • Byron Nelson says:

      What’s your last name? If you’re a native, odds are we’re related. I’m not from Cushman myself, but my Dad (first cousin to the Hurleys) and several generations go back there.

  2. Donnie Todd says:

    I’m looking for a map overlay of the cave.

    I’ve been in a few times myself. We took fishing line in with us, tied it at the opening and ran it the intire distance we went in. Then, we rolled it up on the way out and measured it when we got home. It measured 1,300ft/ (seemed further than that inside the cave)

    We plan on returning to explore other pathways but it would be nice to have an idea on where to go.

    *** We reached what I would call the dead end (I thought) past the nails in the wall with the rope ledge. Through the neck deep water and up… a few rooms past that and it seemed to dead end in every direction.

    Any advice on how to get further in is greatly appreciated.

  3. Amanda McPherson says:

    Interesting read about the blowing cave. I have fond memories of going there as a child with my dad. We also visited several other caves around Cushman that I have not been able to find since. Sadly my dad passed away about 20 year ago and I was a small child when we went there. I would love to go back to them. One cave I remember in particular was in a limestone mining area? I remember lots of limestone rocks, and I had to be lowered into the cave. If anyone knows where this might be please message me at Also Byron Nelson we are most likely distant relatives at least by marriage. Sammy and Mary Jo Hurley is my great Uncle and aunt, Chris and Britney Hurley are my second cousins. My Grandmother is a Benton (before marriage). Her family grew up at the house on the end of Benton road.

  4. Ric Frost says:

    This is incredible. Charles Marcoux was my uncle. His first wife was my father’s sister. After they separated in the late 1970’s, we lost all contact. His second wife told the family that he had died, but refused any further information about the how or where, or what he had been doing since we lost contact with him. I’ve been reading John Michael Greer’s The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies, and several entries on Palmer and hollow earth twigged some memories from the early 1970’s. I grilled my parents about Uncle Charlie, and, well, long story short, here I am.

    I would dearly love to have some of his writings or know any information about his “missing years”. My parents (fundamentalist Baptists) deeply disapproved of his beliefs (as well as those of his first wife, a Spiritualist minister), so I never had the opportunity to know him very well.

    • DrJBN says:

      Thanks for the information Ric! I hope you can find out more. Somewhere out there in internet land I came across some fellow in a forum who said he had some of your uncle’s papers & writings that he had received from Marcoux’s wife. It might have been in the “Underground Ozarks” forum- but for the life of me I can’t remember. If I ever come across anything I’ll send it on to you.

      All the best,

  5. Ric Frost says:

    Well, talk about following the white rabbit…..

    I’ve dug up a fair bit on ol’ Uncle Charlie. For those interested, I’m accumulating it all here:

  6. Ramona says:

    I ran an excavation that cave in 2003. The excavation has been published. NASA researchers have since visited the cave to do microbial samples.
    I am an archaeologist originally from Batesville, near Cushman, and can state that we did excavate a normal human skeleton from very near the entrance of the cave along with numerous lithics.

  7. branton0777 says:

    I got hooked on the Shaver mystery when I was a teenager, and since then I have been obsessed with trying to locate as many entrances to the “underground world” as I possibly could, and here is the result of decades of investigation into this enigmatic mystery (this database by the way is not complete, and is being added to from time to time):

    BRuce AlaN dewalTON

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