Next step: Confirming the eye-positioning as a CR

I’ve modified the game so that there are now two versions.  One version has the US appear on the left between the red lines (red lines will not be shown in the game) and the other will have the US appear to the right between the red lines.


The position of the USs appearance will be manipulated between subjects.  I expect that their gaze patterns will differ.  Tentatively I’m planning on conditioning two different CSs, R and Y, with the US always appearing to the left or right, between subjects.  Then, I will extinguish either R or Y to simply observe what occurs during extinction.

To assess whether the pupil responses are conditioned responses or artifacts of their keypressing I will test both Y (or R) and a new stimulus, P, under conditions where they are instructed to respond normally, or not respond.  Hopefully increases in pupil diameters will be observed to R in both conditions.  I expect that P will elicit a change in diameter, but not one that necessarily increases across the duration of P.

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