Eye Tracker–Pupils revisited.

For a quick overview for those just joining, I am examining the results of an experiment on latent inhibition using a video-game method by developing a tool to rapidly view and group the eye-tracking data.  Some of the data I’ve already described.  

I have exported and analyzed the pupil data.  They were a bit noisy, but the analysis generally supports the descriptions presented earlier.

These two figures are the Excel versions of what my analysis tool produced.  The first shows the pupil diameters during conditioning for the Latent Inhibition group.


In the analysis there is a Seconds by Period (pre or CS) interaction.  The expected interactions with trials (trials by period and/or trials by second by period) were not reliable, but again, with cleaner procedures and more subjects that will hopefully not be an issue in the future.

The figure below shows the data from the Control Group.


Here, the effect of Period was generally larger.  There was an effect of Period, as the pupils were generally larger during the CS than the pre-CS period.  There was a period by Seconds interaction, as the pupil tended to enlarge as the time in the CS increased.

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