The Eye Tracker

I’ve not done much programming with the method this year, as I have been collecting data with it and it has been working great!  I really should start posting some data.

Last week we finally received our eyetracker from SMI Vision.  (  It is a wonderful machine with a very powerful software interface that can be remotely controlled via Udp network signals.  It took a day or two to get some network code working and the firewall sorted (I knew/know nothing about network programming), but it is all in place and functioning correctly.   I could not have finished that bit of coding without what has been *excellent* technical support from SMI.   To anyone looking for eye tracking technology, I would give them my highest recommendation.

Presently I have a calibration routine working in the game to calibrate the tracker.  Next I need to finish some very simple routines to format the data and begin/stop recording at the appropriate places.   I expect to begin collecting data next week.

With the tracker I’ll be able to assess where it is in the stimulus situation that people put their visual attention.  I think that capability has incredible potential to understand the role of “attention” in places where we think it is used, such as latent inhibition and extinction.  It also returns pupil sizes so that measures of arousal can be factored in as well.

The present downside to the technology is that it produces an incredible amount of data on a staggering number of variables.  It will take some disciplined thought and analysis to sort it all out, but that is a limitation on my part that can be overcome with more experience using the technology with the questions I pursue.

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