Learning Game version 1 revisited

I was backing up my stack of 3.5 floppys on my hard drive and got a big blast of nostalgia when I discovered the source code to my first video learning game.  I’ve located the source of my second, but I don’t have a ready way to edit it and it will be looking for an analog joystick.  It also uses assembly language and I suspect windows will promptly kill it.  Here is a picture of the opening screen for the second, complete with my romulan warbird constructed in the POV scene language entirely with csg.


Intro screen to the Learning Game, ver 2



The first one, shown below, was written in Turbo Pascal.  It took some work with Dosbox and turbo pascal to get a new .exe that would run in Vista 64, but here it is.  This first figure shows the user shooting the Romulan who, of course, has a shield.

The next picture shows the Romulan shooting the user.

The game was written in turbo pascal using the BGI (borland graphics interface).  It ran in full glorious 640 x 480 resolution.  I drew the Romulan using a combination of lines and setpixels, then copied the image from the screen to a memblock and used it like a sprite from then on.  A portion of the stars in the background were animated.   


  Screens from the first learning game


Here is a screenshot of the third version of the game, written with Borland C++ builder 1 to run in windows. 


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